KUNSTASYL 2.0 about us

Being a non-profit association, we as KUNSTASYL e.V. define ourselves as a network and platform. On our platform we want to give space to the development of new projects, cooperations and artistic actions.
As multidisciplinary creatives and practitioners we always act on new impulses and ideas and seize possibilities to filter and investigate multidimensional questions and societal constructs.

We cooperate on local, national and international levels with individuals, initiatives and institutions. We develop interdisciplinary projects and organize workshops, we invite and we are guests – we share knowledge.

Until now our participatory work extends transnationally, transdisciplinary and translingually to different complex live-constructs: sustainability and environment, economy and ecology, colonialism and decolonization, social participation, home and homelessness, gender issues and body constructions.
In our projects we inevitably keep coming back to the question of human dignity because our aesthetic, political and social practices take place in societal spaces.
We advocate for every human being to have equal rights in moving without restriction, staying, working and taking part in shaping society.

More than 500 creatives have worked with us and our methods and disciplines are as diverse and individual: fine arts, performance, sculpting, architecture, guided tours, upcycling, recycling, music, dance, text, film, social sculpture, design, photography, art in public space, fashion-design, lectures, workshops, artistic and scientific research….
By artistic strategies of action, we research self-critically how to complement and extend present societal structures and how power structures can be changed in favor of societal diversity.
Relationship is mutuality; this is the basis we work on.

We call human beings ‘human’ first.

To language(s) we pay special attention since they manifest reality(ies).

We are human beings, we make mistakes we want to critically deal with.

Humans have names. – Call me by my name.
‚They‘ do not exist.

Do you have ideas or projects you would like to develop with us? Can you imagine to design and/or realize a project or idea on our platform?
We are open to your ideas and would be happy to get in contact with you! Contact us via daheim[at]kunstasyl.net

back to the roots

The participatory art- and research project KUNSTASYL was founded in 2015 by barbara caveng and has been developed since by architect Aymen Montasser, fine arts student (Berlin 2017-22) Dachil Sado, fine artist and carpenter therry kornath and photographer and journalist Till Rimmele.
In the early years of KUNSTASYL until 2018, our main focus was on the cooperation of residents and humans who came to Germany because of forced migration. The focus was also on the development of artistic concepts and strategies of action, to influence societal power structures and visualize questions of representation and participation.
barbara caveng, Aymen Montasser und Dachil Sado formed the first board of our registered charity which is officially recognized since 2016.

By the turn of the year 2023 the founder of KUNSTASYL, artist barbara caveng, and founding members of KUNSTASYL e.V. Aymen Montasser and Therry Kornath have handed their board positions over to Leo N. Baur, Céline Iffli-Naumann and Larissa Hermanns.
Thereby the new era of KUNSTASYL 2.0 begins after eight years.